Çerçioğlu Sistem Perde has established in 1988 in Ankara as a producer company with an understanding of creating and developing innovative and functional products for systemized blind technology. The company motto “our image is producing solutions” comes from company’s principals such as never settling for the existing and always searching for the needs of roller blind technology. Çerçioğlu Sistem Perde searches out customer-oriented, up-to-date, high-quality, functional, visually  aesthetic and user friendly products and designs  through R&D studies in the field of fabric and roller blind system with its many years of experience.  These products are served to the roller blind market with the registered trademark Persis®  product line through it’s authorized dealers.

  • First Zebra Roller Blind manufacturer in Turkey.
  • First manufacturer of plastic side bracket, aluminium head rail and aluminium bottom rail of roller blind.
  • First and only manufacturer of slow motion spring system in Turkey.
  • Designed, developed and produced Supported Box System® for wide roller blinds up to 13 m width. (Patented)
  • Designed, developed and produced Nested bottom rail. (Patented)
  • Designed 50 mm box system that the bottom rail gets into the box. (Patented)
  • System for roller blinds for mounting them to angled areas in order to reduce gap between two fabrics.

Persis fabric collection consists of over 350 color and pattern options of roller blind, zebra roller blind, venetian blind and vertical blind.

  • 10-13 OCTOBER 1996 2nd Home Textiles Exhibitions
  • 06-10 NOVEMBER 1996 Ankara Home Textile, Carpet and Decoration Exhibition
  • 25-28 MAY 2000 TÜYAP Home Textile 2000
  • 20-24 MAY 2009 EVTEKS 15. Istanbul Home Textiles Exhibition
  • 19-23 MAY 2010 EVTEKS 16. Istanbul Home Textiles Exhibition
  • 18-22 MAY 2011 EVTEKS 17. Istanbul Home Textiles Exhibition
  • 16-20 MAY 2012 EVTEKS 18. Istanbul Home Textiles Exhibition
  • 15-19 MAY 2013 EVTEKS 19. Istanbul Home Textiles Exhibition
  • 21-25 MAY 2014 EVTEKS 20. Istanbul Home Textiles Exhibition



Our Vision: Producing Solutions

Our vision is to produce customer-oriented solutions. Our company, who aims quality and aesthetics, produces innovations continuously with long years of experience.

ÇERÇİOĞLU aims always the best and does not rest on the existing tools. We, as a leading company in the industry, are constructing the future by introducing our own designs to the market.



  • We investigate the needs of curtain system industry, examine the usage of the products and the ease of use.
  • Then we think what aesthetic and functional improvements and innovations can be done with our more than 24 years experience.
  • We begin production of innovations that have been decided through planning, design and test stages.
  • We introduce the final products to the market.