Experience the high quality Double Roller Blind difference by ÇERÇİOĞLU. Be modern and catch the future.

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The bottom rail is meticulously designed by ÇERÇİOĞLU for functionality and aesthetics. It is patented by ÇERÇİOĞLU. The bottom rail consists of two aluminum pieces: special inner tube and outter part. Carefully designed inner tube’s function is providing the horizontality at wide width. Outter part eases the movement of the fabric and prevents fabric from jamming.

Çerçioğlu Double Roller Blind comes with three systems:

1. Open system (without cap):

  • Mounting profile without sides,
  • A space for fabrics fixing,
  • Plastic brackets mounted on profile,
  • Special bracket for mounting numerous roller blinds together (minimize the space between fabrics)

2. Semi-closed System:

  • Same as open system
  • Additional cap by benefiting from the mounting profiles.

3. Closed System:

The dimensions increase. This system is used for wide spaces.

  • Additional two pieces.

Double Roller Blinds box dimensions:

  • 55mm x 55mm
  • 55mm x 80mm
  • 87mm x 87mm

Available mechanisms:

  • Chain
  • Motorized





Get rid of unnecessary fabrics! Brighten your day by Double Roller Blind. Use one curtain system for both day and night.


You get the control of light and sun at every height of Double Roller Blind.


%75* dimming is provided at the closed position of horizontal palettes.

*: The rate changes for every fabric, depends on the textile.



They are most desirable curtain systems for offices and houses that have own character.




ÇERÇİOĞLU serves the double roller blind market with various color, pattern, and pleated fabrics.