Available mechanism for vertical blind:

  • Mechanical: string and chain
  • Motorized: shaft and motor

The system allows the vertical palettes to turn around their axis. By this movement light is taken inside with different angles. This is done by string when the operating system is mechanical, an by remote control when the system is motorized.

Vertical Blinds can be applied to the corners’ two sides as one track. By this way there is no space left between two sides. This special corner system is also used for roller blind systems.

Vertical Blind system consists of aluminum track, a carriage with strip on it and operating system.

There are two types of vertical blinds when the material is considered:

1. PVC Vertical Blinds

  • Striped, channel, perforated
  • Palette width is 90mm.

2. Fabric Vertical Blinds

  • Chosen roller blind fabric collections are used.
  • Durable
  • Palette widths: 90mm – 120mm – 250mm

Vertical Blinds are preferred mostly for offices, factories, schools and hospitals for their ease of cleaning.

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