1. 5cm Box: One touch slow motion spring system within special 50mm x 50mm boxes for balcony window with small cavity.
  2. Twin Box: Two roller blind system in one box allows using both light and thick fabrics for flexibility of use.
  3. Supported box system:For roller blinds that are minimum 10m in length and higher.
    • Available mechanism: Motorized
    • Available color: Anodized
  4. Box with cap: Two pieces box system. The cap of the box is movable. So the system provides that every kind of change/modification can be done on the wall/ceiling without moving the profile itself.
  5. Box for 2.20 m width roller blind and double roller blind.

Available color for boxes:

  • Cream,
  • White,
  • Anodized,
  • Brown (For balcony windows),
  • Other (For higher quantities).