Sunshine Roller Blind

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ShadowHome is a re-interpretation of the known venetian blind by Cercioglu. The soft fabric provides the curtain rolling up like normal roller blind and get a 3-Dimensional view which makes it suitable for domestic use also.

Available Mechanisms for ShadowHome:

  • chain
  • motorized

ShadowHome gets the 3-dimensional view when fabric comes to the pre-defined bottom line. Before reaching the bottom line, the palettes are closed and ShadowHome is 2-dimensional. At the bottom line, it is possible to adjust the angle of the palettes depending on the light outside.

Available Colors:

  • 631-BB  (Cream)
  • 632-BB  (Pinkish orange)
  • 633-BB  (Grey)
  • 634-BB  (Brown)